Welcoming Aromas that spark good vibes

Inspired by summer days and coastal memories, our fragrant candles are blended with natural soy wax and rich essential oils to create an array of aromatic candles. From tropical notes to aquatic fragrances, we bring the coast to you!

Choose your aroma then select your favorite vessel

The fragrance of freshly laundered white linens traveling through the summer night air. This fresh scented vegan soy candle is bound to freshen your space!
This vegan soy candle has notes of succulent fruity nectar spiked with exotic spice providing a fresh and crisp pear fragrance.
This artisan candle has scents of coconut milk and tropical fruit top notes combined with earthy Vetiver undertones create a smooth fragrance that is simply bliss. A sure favorite if you are looking for that tropical oasis!
Take yourself to the beach with this artisan candle. Crisp and refreshing ocean mist with delicate musk undertones create this aquatic fragrance.
A spiritual, uplifting blend of matcha green, aromatic eucalyptus and floral undertones that will be sure to uplift your senses, makes this the perfect hand-poured candled for mind-body connection, whether it's for at-home yoga practice or creating a serene atmosphere.
A warm floral fragrance with melon undertones that make it delightfully exotic. This artisan candle is sure to remind you of walking through a garden when the jasmine bushes are in full bloom with a sweet, rich aroma.
Soft, yet not too sweet, this artisan candle is sure to remind you of an Asian tropical paradise. The purity of the lotus flower complemented by plumeria undertones deliver a quite delightful fragrance.
Awaken your senses with this bright and lively hand-poured candle and whisk yourself to the coast. Invigorate and energize your senses with this fruity, citrus fragrance from the Mediterranean.
Vibrant notes of tart pomegranate infused with sweet citrus making it a delightfully crisp fragrance. This candle will warm and brighten your space!
In this artisan soy candle, you will get a tropical blend of sweet strawberries, juicy pomegranate, creamy vanilla, and shredded coconut finished with hints of soft florals makes its name most fitting. A true ode to paradise!
This is your aromatherapy candle at its finest! Soak in the soothing scent of lavender, sage and mint warmed by notes of aquatic moss, white sands and soft woods.
Our take on a classic warm vanilla candle. A creamy vanilla with delicate floral and tropical notes with hints of fig and cherry chocolate undertones.